Animal Control


If you have just moved to our city, we would like to begin by saying welcome. We hope that you are as happy with our little town as we are proud of it. This is written in an effort to educate pet owners about our ordinances as they pertain to animals within the City. This is only an informational document. Not all of the regulations will be listed. Copies of Ordinance No. 2019-04, as well as the entire Animal Control Regulations are available at the Farmington City Hall. Please contact us with any questions, or to request copies of these documents.

We hope that these regulations will create an environment in which all of our residents as well as their pets can live together harmoniously.

Where to Begin

We require that all cats and dogs be licensed. Arkansas State law requires that cats and dogs be vaccinated against rabies as required by the State Board of Health. You should first have the rabies shot administered, bring the certificate of vaccination to City Hall, and purchase your City Tag. You are required to bring the certificate of a rabies vaccination and purchase a new city tag each year.

License costs

Under 6 months of age $5.00
Neutered male or spayed female $5.00
Intact male or female $10.00

Once the fees are paid you will be given a metal tag. This tag as well as the rabies tag given to you by the vet should be attached to the animals collar at all times. Should your pet become lost, and we pick it up, we will use these tags to locate you.

The Leash Law

For the safety and welfare of all of our citizens we require that animals be restrained at all times, either by leash, cord,  fence, or enclosure of sufficient strength to contain the animal. Animals in automobiles must be physically confined to the vehicle. Animals not contained in the aforementioned manner shall be considered running at large. Animals found to be running at large may be picked up by Animal Control, impounded and/or a citation issued for the violation. This applies to dogs and cats.

Impounded Animals

Should your pet be impounded by Animal Control it will be taken to the Lester C. Howick Animal Shelter of Washington County. You will need to come to Farmington City Hall, pay the $150.00 impound fee (fee subject to change) and have the certificate of a current rabies vaccination, then take the receipt to the Lester C. Howick Animal Shelter of Washington County to reclaim your animal (they may also charge additional fees). After the expiration of three (3) days (which includes the day animal was taken to the shelter) the impounded animal shall become the property of the Lester C. Howick Animal Shelter. The Shelter's address is 801 Clydesdale Dr., in Fayetteville. (479)695-3450

Lost Pets

It is our desire to see pets make it back to their rightful owner. A lost list is kept at City Hall. If your pet is missing, please contact ASAP. (479)267-3865.

Pet Care

All animals must be provided with wholesome food and water, shelter consisting of four sides, a floor, a roof, and an opening; veterinary care to prevent suffering; and humane care and treatment.

Be a Good Neighbor

Always being aware of the effect your pet has on your neighbors will go a long way toward a good relationship between you both. Excessive barking and offensive odors are two examples of complaints that we receive. Both of which are preventable.


Animal Control

Farmington City Hall

354 W. Main
Farmington, AR 72730

Phone: 479-267-3865
Fax: 479-267-3805


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm